As a multi-talented persona, an opus is a compilation of creation and beyond. And it will be the source for inspirations to create more art in the future. Here is the collection of my works from the rest of my career as an artist. Especially as a musician & producer.


Rustyrelic is my primary band. We’ve played music together since 2008, it means that we’ve been together for more than 13 years. The music is mainly alternative-rock with a little bit experimental sound.

Studio Projects

Apart from Rustyrelic, I am also active in my own music in the guitar solo format. The music I make in this format is more reflective of my idealistic side and contains a more abstract story.

Youtube Channel

Without forgetting that I myself am a content creator, I am also actively creating content as my own persona. Most of the content that I create is still about the music, and Guitars.

Jakarta Guitar City

A diversification of my personal youtube channel, Jakarta Guitar City is soon-to-be a community youtube channel that emphasizes on the trends of guitars in Jakarta. In this channel, myself and my friends from guitar community will bring the freshest contents about guitar gear reviews, and more guitar-related inspirations.

Nakal vs Goblok

Well as many of you already know, I am a natural-born prankster. So, to accomodate my passion in creating non-intrusive and entertaining contents, here is the channel for that. And please be advised, this channel contains strong language, uneducational topics, and not safe for work graphics. And this is only for entertainment purpose.